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Karnarjun is based on the relationship between two of the main characters from India’s greatest epic Mahabharata set in a contemporary backdrop. Mahabharata is an epic tale of sibling rivalry, of complex interwoven sub stories, of philosophy, divinity, adventure, bravery and betrayal.

Karna and Arjun, two outstanding characters are equal in virtue yet have dichotomous personalities. Their differences and similarities create an inevitable rivalry
and competition within the play. Their conflict and moral dilemma is the focus of Karnajun.
Karnarjun gives contemporary relevance to Mahabharata from the point of view of two of the most significant character’s. One is considered as a hero, Arjuna (Ajay), the other is the anti hero Karna (Kiran). Everybody has a hero within and each one of us must have at some point lost a battle in life due to unfavourable conditions and external pressures.

Mahabharata is about the way in which we deceive ourselves, how we are false to others, how we oppress fellow human beings, and how deeply unjust we are in our day to day lives. This moral blindness is an intractable human condition. In the epic's elusive concept of dharma we search for some of these universal patterns of life. The search for how we ought to live has been this plays motivating force as it dramatises the choice between moral purity and human action.

Plot summery
Ajay and Kiran meet on a deserted railway platform in a remote location, waiting for a train. It is obvious that Kiran and Ajay are old acquaintances but there is a perplexing tension. There is talk of war, Kiran is in possession of this land but Ajay is confident that it will soon be his. Through the fraught and heated snarls exchanged between the two men we learn snippets about their background, slowly revealing pieces of the current issue of
contention. Ajay suggest that they play cards together, it is clear that this is a calculated move. Kiran’s mobile rings, the voice wonders why he has left Ajay alive. Kiran thinks that both Ajay and himself are equal in every aspect but feels that because of his inferior background, Ajay has made himself successful.Ajay says that there can’t be anything in common between them, Kiran reveals that in spite of all their difference there is one thing that is common to them both and that is their mother. Kiran proves this to be true. At that moment
a fast moving train passes through the station. Through the flickers of the strobe light on the stage we see that Ajay suddenly attacks Kiran. Kiran pushes him and very swiftly snatches Ajay’s gun from his belt. Now Ajay is lying down with Kiran pointing his two guns at him. Kiran spares him, throws Ajay’s gun back to him and walks away. Kiran suddenly feels dizzy, he
falls down, Ajay informs him that his drink had been spiked with valium.Ajay is just about to shoot Kiran but he pauses. He hears the distant sound of the train. He rolls Kiran’s sleeping
body to the edge of the platform and then pushes him over onto the tracks. The train arrives at the station, Ajay walks onto it.

This play is not suitable for young people under 15. 

Duration: 50 mins
Language: English
Cast: 2
Crew: 2
Minimum set up time: 3hrs
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