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Invisible does not mean that he is not there...

Ashar Sandhya (One Monsoon Night) is a suspense filled eerie drama with film noir undertones. It takes place on one single thundery monsoon night in an isolated bungalow at a small hill station in the north east of India.

Mita is waiting for her husband Neel to return home from work, the night is dark and stormy and a tense and unnerving feeling is developed due to the strange incidents that have been happening in the area. The plot develops within a dark and mysteriously sinister backdrop. When Neel finally returns and enters the house their world is turned upside down for Neel is unable to be seen. He has mysteriously become invisible. With no electricity and a husband that she cannot see, Mita is left perplexed and scared in the middle of this stormy night.

The film explores the possibilities of capturing the presence of the inanimate and invisible man. This is a drama that explores the relationship of a newly married husband and wife pushed to the extremes on a dark and stormy night where nothing can be certain within the chaos that surrounds them. The film concludes with a mischievous twist.

A thrilling and emotional drama that will keep you guessing

Director's note:
As a director I was faced with two challenges: to confine the film to primarily one character and one single location yet still keep the momentum and pace of a thriller and secondly to give life to an invisible character who can only be heard.My aspirations for this film will be accomplished only if the audience can feel the presence of this invisible man. We had neither the resources nor did we have any intention to take the film into the direction of science fiction therefore intentionally I avoided any gratuitous special effects, instead I concentrated on the psychological conflict between husband and wife that can arise in the middle of unprecedented abnormal circumstances. The dark and mysterious mood of the film has been achieved through sound effects, light and shadows and dramatic acting.

Starring: Senjuti Das
Supported by: Shiblu Chowdhury & Joyeep Dutta
Photography: Rabbi Hussain & Benedykt Zasadzki
Sound: Kadir Hussain & Orion Gough
Music & Sound design: Kadir Hussain
Production Managers: Sarah Fatemi, Joydeep Dutta & Christine Luby
Editing: M. K. Hasan
Post production and special effects: Nihal
Associate Producer: Hermann Djoumessi & Arup Dutta Arun
Co Producers: Hicks/Jaggi
Produced by: Mahua Productions
Producer: Priyam Dasgupta
Story, screenplay and direction: Korak Ghosh

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